Smart Bid Writing

bid writing coursesOur Smart Bid Writing course demystifies the bid writing process, focusing on the key elements that make a winning bid. You will learn how to analyse your audience, decide your strategy, structure your responses and write persuasively to tight formats and deadlines.

Duration: 2 days
Max number of delegates: 12

Learning Objectives
After completing this workshop, you will be able to:

  • Ensure the bid response matches the brief and meets the needs of the audience
  • Plan, structure and write the bid clearly, concisely and accurately
  • Identify and communicate the most compelling messages
  • Use appropriate language, style, tone and layout to engage and persuade readers
  • Write quickly to tight deadlines
  • Manage the writing process, including dealing with multiple authors

Bid Writing Modules

  1. Winning bids: what makes a winning bid, why compliance is not enough, the bid-writing process
  2. Preparation: understanding the brief, analysing the audience, identifying key messages, gathering information
  3. Writing principles: seven principles of clear, concise writing, style, tone, outline structure and layout
  4. Persuasive arguments: your bid theme, communicating your competitive advantage, balancing price and value, writing an executive summary
  5. Incorporating technical information: using graphics, tables, number formats, acronyms
  6. Drafting: writing to deadlines, overcoming writers block
  7. Checking your work: what to check for, common errors in grammar, punctuation and spelling, editing and proofreading, professional tools and techniques
  8. The bid-writing process: writing roles, managing multiple authors, quality control, scheduling tools

This course can also be run as a one-day intensive. To find out more about the bid writing courses, please email me or call me on +44 (0)7588 63 1125.