How to Write a Business Case

Business Case Training Course

This business case training course takes you through the whole process of developing a case for investment. From defining the opportunity to creating an implementation plan, this intensive, practical programme will help managers to identify and document their recommendations in a way that informs and inspires the audience.

Duration: 1 day
Max number of delegates: 15

“Writing business cases is something I do a lot. So it’s really useful to me to now have confidence in my structure.”

Learning Objectives
On completion of this workshop, you will be able to:

  • Develop a business case following a rigorous step-by-step approach
  • Present complex information in a logical structure
  • Prepare an executive summary
  • Use effective and appropriate language to engage, inform and persuade the audience
  • Draft, edit and proofread the document effectively
  • Incorporate basic statistics, financial data and visuals to support the report
  • Understand and learn from feedback

“I have learnt some really useful tips, which I will be using on a daily basis. Jakki was great in delivering the training. Good knowledge and delivery style.”

Business Case Modules

  1. What is a business case?: definition, purpose and principles
  2. Understanding stakeholders: what you need to find out about your audience
  3. Developing the business case: a seven-step process from defining the opportunity to developing an implementation plan
  4. Structuring your business case: business case elements and structure options
  5. Writing clearly and persuasively: principles of effective business writing, including style, language and tone
  6. Drafting, editing and proofreading: professional techniques and tools for writing quickly and accurately
  7. Using illustrations: tips on incorporating graphs, tables and diagrams, and using presentation slides
  8. Learning from feedback: what it means and how to apply it
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