How to Write Better Business Email

Business Email CourseThe business email course explores email writing techniques that save both you and your readers time and effort. You will come away with a toolbox of practical solutions to ensure your emails are opened, understood and acted on. It also covers the principles of business email etiquette.

Duration: 1 day
Max number of delegates: 15

Learning Objectives
After completing this workshop, you will be able to:

  • Know how to make sure your message is opened, read and acted on
  • Ensure the content, language and tone is right for the audience
  • Understand email etiquette, including who to include and when not to use email
  • Know the legal and technical issues around email
  • Save up to five hours a week managing their email workload

Business Email Modules

  1. What’s your point?: understanding busy readers, being clear about what you want from them, prioritising key points
  2. Subject lines: why they are important, writing powerful subject lines
  3. Setting the right tone: greeting and sign-off, understanding tone of voice
  4. Focus on the audience: key questions about your readers, distribution fields, structuring your information
  5. Writing style: guidelines for effective writing, making it scannable, measuring readability
  6. Checking accuracy: why it’s important, common problems, tools and techniques
  7. Technical and legal issues: when not to send email, sending file attachments, email security, formatting
  8. Managing your inbox: time-management tools to cut your email workload

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